MEGAKRÁN Nyrt. is a leader on the Hungarian lifting technology market, providing comprehensive lifting technology solutions and machine installation services to its customers at several locations across Hungary. In addition to our main lifting technology (cranes and machine rental) and machine installation services, we also rent machinery, sell safety and lifting equipment, carry out structural installation, and provide expert services. Over the last 28 years, we have grown from a sole proprietorship to a medium-sized listed company with about 100 employees. We believe that our efforts have led to the MEGAKRÁN brand being synonymous with reliability, top professional quality, the ability to solve incredibly difficult problems, dedicated employees, and satisfied partners.

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As is typical for a medium-sized company, our priorities include creating a stable financial base to support intensive growth and continuous asset development, as well as recruiting and retaining a highly skilled and loyal workforce. To this end, we provide ongoing corporate management and professional development training programmes. This is because we know that the real value of our company lies in the knowledge and loyalty of our employees. At MEGAKRÁN Plc we are committed to using our portfolio of services to help our existing and prospective partners through the entire development and life cycle of their businesses. Our staff have the opportunity to take part in projects at every stage, from the first earthworks up to the moment the new product rolls off the production line. Over the years, we have helped our partners design and implement solutions that best meet their needs in hundreds of successful projects. We are proud to have created shared value with our customers.


Our team continues to welcome applications from both qualified candidates and new graduates who, with their professional ethos and enthusiasm, proactive attitude and continuous learning and development, can support the company in achieving its long-term goals. We are looking for agile, ambitious professionals and graduates who are interested in professional development and wish to demonstrate their perseverance and problem-solving skills in diverse project scenarios. It is important for us that prospective employees are not only accurate and precise but also take ownership of their work. Moreover, it is crucial that they can identify with MEGAKRÁN Plc’s values. You are the right candidate for us if you want to use and expand your skills and knowledge at a 100% Hungarian-owned, medium-sized listed company. Apply for one of our open positions. If we do not have any open positions but you would still like to work with us, please contact our HR department. They will enter your CV and contact details into our system and notify you if a new position matching your profile opens up.

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