MEGAKRÁN Plc is a leader on the Hungarian lifting technology market, providing comprehensive lifting technology solutions and machine installation services to its customers at several locations across Hungary. In addition to its main lifting technology and machine installation services, the company also rents out machinery, sells safety and lifting equipment, carries out structural installation and provides expert services. With its services in the fields of lifting technology, machine installation and structural installation it is able to support greenfield projects, from the construction phase to the commissioning of production lines.

MEGAKRÁN Plc’s current and prospective customer base is primarily composed of Hungarian manufacturing companies and their suppliers.


Our history

  • 1994

    Tamás Langmáhr establishes the company’s predecessor as a sole proprietorship.

  • 2004

    Megakrán Ltd is established, at which time it exclusively provides crane services.

  • 2009

    Netkosár Ltd is established to provide rental services for lifting equipment, forklifts and earthmoving machinery.

  • 2010

    Langmáhr Ltd is established. It eventually starts administering our sales and commercial activities.

  • 2013

    In response to the constant growth in the market, we create our machine installation business, and start buying specialised machinery.

  • 2014

    As a result of investments and innovative developments, the company's turnover starts growing 15-20% a year.

  • 2015

    Netkosár Ltd and Megakrán Ltd merge. At this time we start the organisational development activities necessary to become a medium-sized company ready to be listed on the new Xtend market of the Budapest Stock Exchange, which is especially for the SME sector.

  • 2016

    We close the previous year with sales of HUF 1.78 billion and further expand our equipment fleet to meet European standards.

  • 2017

    In the spring, we enrol in the corporate governance and management ELITEnprogramme, a two-year joint programme of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) and the London Stock Exchange Group. We are one of the first seven Hungarian companies to join the programme.

  • 2017

    Megakrán Ltd acquires Langmáhr Ltd, and on 1 November, MEGAKRÁN Private Limited Company is established.

    We were the first to participate in BSE’s mentoring programme, under the Ginop tender for financing the Initial Private Offering of SMEs.

  • 2018

    With a private placement of capital, the legal successor, MEGAKRÁN Public Limited Company (MEGAKRÁN Plc) is created.

  • 2018

    On 4 December MEGAKRÁN Plc is listed on the Xtend market of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

  • 2019

    In January we are awarded the distinction of Share Issuer of the Year on the Xtend Market at the BSE Legek (Tops) awards ceremony.

  • 2020

    A key opportunity opens up for us: we launch the most significant asset development programme in the company's history. It is worth HUF 1.581 billion and is financed by funds from tenders and the Competitiveness Enhancement Grant, as well as a bank loan.

  • 2021

    With private equity investment, we raise our capital by HUF 1.158 billion. On 17 December, the company's shares start trading in the BSE’s Standard category.

  • 2022

    At the BSE Legek awards ceremony, organised by the Budapest Stock Exchange to recognise the best performers on the capital market in 2021, we are awarded the BSE Xtend Special Prize as the first company in the history of the platform to make the category jump.


MEGAKRÁN Plc will continue to serve existing and future market needs with top quality products and services, proving that medium-sized Hungarian companies can also become successful on the Budapest Stock Exchange.


MEGAKRÁN Plc’s value proposition is its ability to assist companies throughout their entire life cycle. This is thanks to the company’s diversified service portfolio. From the start of a new greenfield project, through the installation and start-up of a new production plant, to the moment decision-makers choose to move their plants to another country to cut costs or fight recession. In recent years, we have focused on upgrading our asset base, introducing new zero- emission green technologies and innovative solutions, for which the market (manufacturing and automotive) has shown growing demand. Our team is committed to continuous development and improvement. We strive to use the most innovative technologies and state-of-the-art IT solutions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, safety and security. This is demonstrated by the fact that the share of our electric, zero-emission devices has tripled in recent years.


“MEGAKRÁN is a uniquely complex service provider in Hungary’s lifting technology service segment. We have built our business on top level expertise and innovation, using the latest online platforms and digital tools. We believe in fair partnership and transparent business operations. Our management works as a cohesive team and is committed to the continuous improvement of the company. They believe that they can bring out the best in their employees as facilitators and supportive leaders. We are proud that our efforts have helped create the MEGAKRÁN brand, which stands for reliability, top professional quality, the ability to solve incredibly difficult problems, and satisfied partners. As is typical for a medium-sized company, our priorities include creating a stable financial base to support intensive growth and continuous asset development, and attracting highly skilled and loyal employees. To this end, we provide ongoing corporate management and professional development training programmes, because we know that the real value of our company lies in the knowledge and loyalty of our employees.” 

In the long term, the aim of the company's strategy is to ensure and create the conditions for growth. One of the key stages of sustained growth is an international market presence, primarily at regional level.

Quality assurance

We adhere to strict quality assurance and occupational health and safety standards. We also have unrivalled insurance coverage and a comprehensive controlling system.



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