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You can find all the safety equipment and accessories you need for safe and comfortable work in our online store. We also offer our existing and prospective customers the option of purchasing other work safety equipment according to their specific needs.

Personal protective equipment should always be selected according to jobs and aligned to the nature of the respective task at hand. The basic principles for the provision of personal protective equipment are laid down in the Act on Occupational Safety.

Our work safety products include

Our work safety products include

  • Shoes, boots, sandals
  • Gloves
  • Clothing products
  • Head protection devices
  • Masks, facepieces, filters
  • Special workwear
  • High-visibility equipment
  • Fall protection devices, body harnesses, fall arresters
  • Other accessories
  • Services related to work safety products – company logo application (screen printing, embroidery)

Occupational safety experience

Our occupational safety products are not only sold, but also used by our colleagues during our hoisting technology and machine installation services, so we can provide our customers with accurate product information and experience. We also carry a wide range of premium quality products in our online shop, which not only protect your health but also provide you with the right level of comfort.

Occupational safety experience

We offer a wide range of solutions in our online shop for industrial and private sector operators in the interest of significantly reducing risks arising from work, work processes and technology, for the sake of protecting and preserving their health. The option of requesting product-specific quotes is provided to our large corporate partners.

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