Experiences of lifting jobs we have done

Experiences of lifting jobs we have done

  • lifting mobile homes
  • lifting building elements and containers
  • lifting doors and windows
  • lifting pools and jacuzzis
  • specialist lifting for tree felling
  • lifting objects out of the water, lifting and launching boats, including barges, catamarans, sailboats and yachts
  • lifting solar panels
  • other lifting tasks

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Our mobile and truck-mounted cranes provide an affordable solution for lifting and moving small loads. If required, we can also provide the associated transport services.

What does our crane service include?

We offer the following crane services to meet your needs:

  • cranes (truck-mounted, vehicle-mounted and electric mobile cranes)
  • qualified crane operators
  • any necessary lifting accessories for specific categories of crane (ropes, lifting points, shackles, master rings, etc.)
  • load binding staff
  • banksman
  • traverse and lifting beams
  • a lifting plan based on the specifications of the job
  • lifting instructions
  • risk assessment

What does our crane service include?

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