Expert and administrative services for lifting machinery

We provide lifting equipment expert and administrative services nationwide, including for the periodic inspection (structural and main inspection), as well as for occupational safety-focused inspection and commissioning of lifting machinery, lifting equipment, load handling and load gripping equipment.

Our machine inspection authority covers the following machine types

  • Periodic inspection of bridge and gantry cranes
  • Periodic inspection of travelling cranes, crab trolley tracks
  • Periodic inspection of self-propelled cranes and loading cranes
  • Periodic inspection of motorised lift trucks
  • Hoists with speeds up to 0.15m/s. Periodic inspection of fenced-off lifting equipment, non-enclosed passenger, freight or passenger/freight elevators
  • Periodic inspection of mobile elevated work platforms
  • Periodic inspection of loaders and earth-moving machinery
  • Periodic inspection of levelling ramps, lifting tables, engine hoists
  • Periodic inspection of lifting and gripping equipment

The current Lifting Machinery Safety Code requires that all activities involving lifting machinery must be subject to a safety inspection, along with lifting and gripping equipment. During the operation of such machines, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure the requirements related to safety at work, occupational safety, process and technical safety, while monitoring the periodic inspections required by law.

Our highly qualified lifting equipment experts and customer service team will relieve our partners from difficulties. They are the single point of contact to keep you up to date with all matters relating to lifting equipment, so that operations are carried out in compliance with the legal requirements.

Expert Services

Expert Services

  • testing
    • structural analysis
    • main inspection
    • periodic safety review
  • specialised occupational-safety activity
    • occupational safety-focused preliminary machine inspection
    • commissioning for occupational safety
  • preparing lifting plans and lifting technology instructions with the involvement of an expert.
  • lifting equipment management software – Software that is always kept up-to-date, giving the partner instant access to record and other documents, as well as the dates of inspections.

Preparing lifting plans and lifting technology instructions

We also draft lifting plans and lifting technology instructions for our crane services. The load path is spatially represented in 3D using dedicated software in compliance with legislation and statutory regulations (Lifting Equipment Safety Regulations: EBSZ), with maximum work safety and the highest achievable level of quality. The scaled site layout is created using AutoCAD 2023, and lifting is planned using CRANIMAX – Crane Bee and Liebherr LICCON software.

When you use our crane work or machinery installation services, we will provide you with a lifting plan and lifting instructions at a special discount!

Software solution for perfect control

No legislation is unknown or task forgotten. Our lifting equipment management software provides an up-to-date solution for keeping track of the inspection and status of your machines. It notifies management about the outcome of inspections that have been completed, immediately and in electronic form, with all documents and data available in one place that is instantly available to the partner in the event of an inspection.

Software solution for perfect control

Leave the job to our experts!

  1. Contact us to discuss the machinery, equipment and tools you need to have reviewed
  2. Send a list of the machines and their documentation
  3. A member of our team will carry out an on-site survey at your location to provide you with an accurate quote
  4. We will then send our quote to you, and conclude a contract
  5. Our lifting machinery expert performs the machine inspection, and we will send you all the documents
  6. If you order our lifting machinery management software, there is nothing more for you to do, our colleague will notify you when the next inspection is due
Leave the job to our experts!

Expert service prices

Management of administrative tasks using software so that it is also accessible to the partner, technical support for purchases, support for hoisting technology related matters

Periodic inspection based on group number and/or at the intervals specified by law, legal regulations, standards or OEM specifications

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