Our crane services

Our crane services

  • lifting silos
  • lifting tanks
  • lifting dryers, including grain dryers
  • lifting conveyor lines and systems
  • lifting operations during installation, refurbishment and belt replacement of elevators
  • loading and unloading machines onto and from vehicles
  • other lifting tasks


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Our mobile and truck-mounted cranes of up to 450-tonne nominal capacity are available nationwide for both indoor and outdoor work.


What does our crane service include?

We offer the following crane services to meet your needs:

  • cranes (truck-mounted, vehicle-mounted and electric mobile cranes)
  • qualified crane operators
  • any necessary lifting accessories for specific categories of crane (ropes, lifting points, shackles, master rings, etc.)
  • load binding staff
  • banksman
  • traverse and lifting beams
  • a lifting plan based on the specifications of the job
  • lifting instructions
  • risk assessment

What does our crane service include?
Insurance section

Safety is extremely important to us

At Megakrán, we pay special attention to health and safety. Our quality management and safety systems are audited annually by Apave Belgium SA (VCA) and QSCert, spol s.r.o (ISO).

In addition, our lifting and crane operations are covered by a HUF 700 million liability insurance policy to ensure maximum safety and protection for our customers.


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