Dismantling machines and installing them at a new location

One of our customers, which manufactures tanks and pipelines in Siófok, purchased seven machines in Nagykanizsa, and contracted us to dismantle them and install them in a new location. The seven machines were: a SKJ20 carousel lathe, a Heckert milling machine, an SKIQ12 carousel lathe, a Mazak Nexus 5-axis milling machine, a Niles Simmons N30 CNC, a Harrison I800XS lathe and a DFS 2 universal lathe.
Dismantling machines and installing them at a new location

Specified duration: Two months

The machines were in extremely poor condition. Many of them more than 40 years old and had incomplete or missing documentation.

We dismantled the machines all together, taking them apart into their sub-assemblies, and often working with several teams in two locations at the same time. We encountered a number of difficulties in dismantling the machines, typically due to difficult access to the lifting points, the age of the machines, and the fact that they were covered in oil and lubricant, which made it difficult to loosen the bolts. With the Niles CNC machine, the lifting point was inaccessible even after dismantling the entire machining head assembly, so we used a bypass solution (combined with air) to make it accessible. The machine’s factory installed lifting eyes were missing, so as a workaround we used our own special lifting bolts. With the milling machine, the lifting point was covered by the entire machining unit, so we lifted this machine with our ORMIG 55/60iE Electric Pick & Carry with a fork lift, which, thanks to its compact dimensions, is ideal for moving machines in confined spaces where traditional truck cranes would not fit. We wanted to provide our customer with not only the safest, but also the most cost-effective solution. During the project, we also used our own fleet of machines to carry out the transport tasks. We installed the machines on time at the customer’s new site.

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