Dismantling of 140 tonne press machine

The project involved the dismantling one 60-tonne and one 140-tonne machine press at the customer’s site. Due to the complexity of the task and the conditions in the hall, the dismantling of both presses was carried out using our hydraulic gantry lifting system.
Dismantling of 140 tonne press machine

Lifting the 60-tonne press was made easier by its monobloc design, but it was difficult to dismantle due to its age and the fact that it had been in continuous use. We overcame these challenges thanks to constant communication with the customer and the expertise of our employees. The dismantling of the press required special attention and precision as it was going to be sold to a third party. To help with this, we photographed both the electrical and mechanical processes for our customer.

The dismantling of the 140-tonne press presented our team with even greater challenges. The machine’s Anker shafts turned out to be damaged, which probably happened when it was being put together. This made it impossible to heat the machine with the oil system during disassembly. But we managed to overcome this problem by making and using 2 × M125 lock nuts and an iron plate. Organising the sourcing and production of the part took considerable time due to its size and quality (CCA). The movement of the machine components and the technical execution required meticulous, precise and well thought-out work due to the limited space available. Despite the difficulties, we managed to complete the project on time. We also took on the removal of the dismantled press components using our own equipment.

Széchenyi Pályázat 2020
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