Palfinger PK 53002-SH
Maximum capacity
15,6 t
Maximum lifting height
32 m
Maximum lifting distance
29 m

Palfinger PK 53002-SH

Equipped with a specially designed Palfinger PK53000 SH crane, our Hüffermann machine combines the advantages of vehicle-mounted and electric cranes, making it possible to move and install machines, components in congested halls and confined spaces. When lifting small loads over long distances, where environmental conditions would limit the usability of a crane, it is an excellent solution thanks to its hydraulic boom that can swivel in several places. Once put on outriggers, it can work in a 360 degree radius. Its radio remote control ensures accurate and safe work. By optimally combining its several advantages, it is possible to move loads in congested halls and tight spaces. Its solid, white, non-marking rubber wheels and emission-free operation make it ideal for use in clean spaces.

  • Its radio remote control feature ensures accurate and safe work
  • Electric drive – zero emissions
  • Does not interfere with production
  • Compact size

technical parameters

Net weight 24000 kg
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