Ormig 16tmE
Maximum capacity
16 t
Maximum lifting height
12 m
Maximum lifting distance
10,45 m

Ormig 16tmE

We have extended our range of machines with specially designed electric Pick & Carry mobile cranes for specialist lifting applications. They are compact and ideal for lifting, moving and machine installation in confined spaces and indoors.

  •  Narrow, low machines - unbeatable inside halls
  •  Can lift a load and move it
  •  Solid, white, non-marking rubber wheels make them suitable for clean room and food environments
  •  Their radio remote control ensures accurate and safe work
  •  Electric drive - zero emissions
  •  Hall top - perfect for work at height and in confined spaces
  •  Hydraulically operated luffing fly-jib
  •  Fork adapter - can also be used as electric forklifts

technical parameters

Fork capacity 6 t
Weight 2,3 m
Lenght 4,81 + 0,8 m
Height (full closed) 2,37 m
Net weight 18000 kg
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