Maximum capacity
9 t
Maximum lifting height
8 m
Maximum lifting distance
5,5 m


It is a precision, all-electric, zero-emission machine that combines the benefits of a forklift truck, a loader and a truck crane. Depending on the task, it can lift loads with a winch, fixed hook, hall top, or forklift adapter (to act as a forklift and a loader). Its main advantage is that it has rear-wheel steering, meaning it can turn on a dime and get into every nook and cranny.
If the quality of the ground is poor, we build a suitable route with our large steel plates. Using this quick fix we can also bridge over open or low load-bearing covered process tunnels. With our Pick & Carry machines we can work much quicker than with forklifts and heavy-duty roller skids

  • Combine the benefits of forklifts, stackers and truck-mounted cranes
  •  They can turn 360 degrees around the front axle and 180 degrees around the rear axle, making it easy to negotiate sharp bends between production lines without disrupting production
  •  Dead space in the cab can be a problem when lifting and moving in confined spaces, but the radio remote control allows safer and more accurate work
  •  They have a hall top adapter, making them ideal for working at height and in confined spaces
  •  Their white, non-marking wheels are perfect for any floor
  • With their forklift accessory, they can be used as forklifts
  •  They are also an excellent solution for changing tools on machine tools

technical parameters

Fork capacity 4 t
Width 1,5 m
Lenght 3,655 + 0,5 m
Height (full closed) 1,9 m
Net weight 9700 kg
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