Enerpac gantry SBL 1100
Maximum capacity
1069 t
Maximum lifting height
12 m
Leg width
1,4 m

Enerpac gantry SBL 1100

The four legged hydraulic gantry lifts on rails are ideal for moving heavy equipment, precision installation of machinery and machine lines, setting up and positioning machine bodies, and dismantling and assembling presses in environments in which a truck crane would not fit or would be restricted.

Our special SBL 1100 gantry is a hydraulic lifting device designed to move heavy machinery and machine bodies. Its octagonal boom increases lift capacity and height.

  • Moving loads vertically, longitudinally and transversely with the side slides
  • The use of two bridge beams and one longitudinal beam allows three-point lifting
  • They are also suitable for tilting, rotating, and positioning machines and machine bodies below and above floor level.
  • Electric drive
  • The manual remote console allows the system to be operated from a safe distance
  • Computer controlled synchronised movement, for both lifting and lowering
  • Computer controlled travel speed for increased safety when moving heavy loads

technical parameters

Speed in fast mode 66 m/h
Speed in slow mode 33 m/h
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