At Megakran, we are committed to innovation, which is why we use the latest technologies in our work.

We have added specially designed electric mobile cranes and hydraulic gantry lifts to our fleet of over 200 machines. These are for specialist lifting and machine handling tasks, and they are ideal for working indoors in confined spaces for lifting, machine handling, heavy machine handling and machine installation jobs.

Special machine moving in a crowded hall

Special machine moving in a crowded hall

Equipped with a specially designed Palfinger PK53002 SH crane, our Hüffermann machine combines the advantages of vehicle-mounted and electric cranes. When lifting small loads over long distances, where the conditions would limit the usability of a crane, it is an excellent solution thanks to its hydraulic boom that can swivel in several places.

  •  Electric drive
  •  Small size
  •  Radio remote control function
  •  Non-marking white wheels
  •  Multi-jointed articulated boom
  •  Rotates 360 degrees for lifting and handling
  •  Does not interfere with production
  •  Dead weight: 16-24 t

Electric mini cranes for specialist handling in clean and confined spaces

  • Pick & Carry

         Can move while lifting a load

  • Non-marking white wheel
  • Electric drive

         They operate without harmful emissions, allowing them to be used in clean rooms, and chemical and food                         environments.

  • Narrow and low

         They can access the work area without demolition work being needed, even through low and narrow industrial                   doors. They are excellent for lifting tasks in maintenance work.

  •  Radio remote control

          Your safety is important to us. Our machines can be operated by radio remote control, allowing the operator to                  move around freely. This feature reduces the risk of dangerous situations arising in the work area, thus promoting            safe working conditions. Radio remote control facilitates communication between the banksman and the operator.

Electric mini cranes for specialist handling in clean and confined spaces
We have a solution for your extreme lifting and special moving tasks

We have a solution for your extreme lifting and special moving tasks

Our Enerpac hydraulic cranes are the most efficient way to lift and handle heavy loads in places where heavy-duty truck cranes cannot fit. Track systems allow hydraulic supports to move, lift, lower and position heavy loads with precision in 3 dimensions.

With our electric Gantry lifting equipment, which has a lifting capacity of 1,100 or 400 tonnes, we are uniquely positioned to perform machine installation, precision, and heavy machinery handling tasks within the category. No other companies in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe can do exactly what we do.

  •  Moving heavy equipment
  •  Installing and precisely positioning machines and production lines
  •  Setting up and positioning machine bodies
  •  Dismantling and assembling presses

Our industry experiences

Food industry
Warehousing industry
Defence industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Machines industry
Wood industry
Chemical industry
Automotive industry
Textiles industry
We offer a solution for carrying out activities where it is necessary to carry out machine movement and machine installation tasks inside a hall, in narrow spaces or cleanrooms.
Insurance section

Safety is extremely important to us

In addition, our specialised moving activities are covered by a HUF 700 million liability insurance to ensure maximum safety and protection for our customers.


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