We rent out personal lifting equipment, forklift trucks and loaders across Hungary, with qualified operators on request. When selecting machinery for rent, our logistics staff will help you determine the right machine and thus the most optimal and cost-effective solution.

Our fleet of more than 80 rental machines includes electric and diesel forklifts, loaders, boom and scissor personnel lifts.

On request, our colleagues will deliver the selected personnel lift, forklift or loader to the place of work, together with a copy of all the necessary documents and records.

We also provide machine operator, control and slinging personnel for our rented machinery based on our customers’ needs in case complex jobs are being performed.

Our service team is available for our partners in case of malfunctions, technical or use-related issues.

Choose from our personnel lifts, forklift trucks and loaders!

Our company has a wide range of machine adapters for performing special material handling tasks. Ask our expert colleagues for advice!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Transport cost is calculated on the basis of travel expense for a round trip and an additional round trip.

Where requested by our customers, waiting cost is charged instead of the double transport cost, subject to the transport vehicle waiting for work to be completed on site, and shipping the equipment away from the site after that.

The parameter table for our equipment includes each machine’s maximum load-bearing capacity. Equipment features include deactivation in case of overload.

Maximum working height in the fully open position is obtained by adding the height of the platform + 2m (person operating the equipment standing with arms extended upwards).

Scissor lifts are only suitable for vertical (up and down) movement. With scissor lifts, it is necessary to position the unit under or directly next to the exact place of work.

In addition to upward and downward movement, boom lifts are also capable of lateral extension. These machines are larger size than scissor lifts, but can be positioned further away from the exact place of work.

A personnel mast lift has a minimal lateral extension capability, but being smaller than a boom lift, use of such machines is recommended for confined spaces.

An overweight permit is required if the vehicle train combined with the equipment to be transported exceeds 40 tonnes.

An oversize permit is required if the vehicle train combined with the equipment to be transported exceeds 4 metres in height, 2.6 metres in width and 17.5 metres in length.

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