We carry out crane and lifting operations in the construction industry with state-of-the-art equipment, outstanding expertise and more than 30 years of professional experience.

Our crane services

Our crane services

  • hall construction
  • lifting building materials, roof structures, beams and structural elements
  • hall construction and lifting panels
  • lifting and placement through openings in building facades
  • double and triple lifting
  • lifting HVAC equipment
  • installing revolving tower cranes
  • loading and vehicles
  • other lifting tasks

We can support greenfield projects from construction through to commissioning of production lines with our lifting, machine installation and structural assembly services.

Check out our fleet

Our mobile and truck-mounted cranes of up to 450-tonne nominal capacity are available nationwide for both indoor and outdoor work.


Specialized solutions

We have a 30-tonne lifting platform: the machine to be moved into the building is lifted to the opening in the building wall by attaching the platform to the crane. Once the platform has been secured the machine can then easily be moved into the building.

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